• Marshal Geometry 1pcs

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    • COMPASS a)made of high quality alloy, shinning , strong , when drawing not easy to slide, b) red color head, high quality plastic material,
    • divider same as above
    • pencil 3.5inch, top grade base wood, red color
    • sharpener high quality blade ,easy to sharpen the pencil , red color
    • eraser good quality for erasing, without any powder.
    • ruler 15 cm, good design , two colors printing, new material , transparent
    • setsquare 60 degree same as above
    • setsquare 45 degree same as above
    • protractor same as above
    • timetable with metric system etc. useful information for student
    • plastic tray black
    • tin box strong, non rust in 2 years,
    • paper box with hanger, good quality with film , shinning
    Sold By: Products

    Marshal Geometry 1pcs

    ৳ 105.00

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